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Synergy Fatal Error in Mac OSX Mavericks

October 23, 2013 6 comments

Last night I upgraded my iMac at work to Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks and this morning when I logged in to the machine and launched Synergy, I received an error:

FATAL: Init failed: system setting not enabled: "Enable access for assistive devices"

Apple changed the location for enabling access for assistive devices from “Accessibility” to “Security & Privacy” in Mavericks. In “Security & Privacy”, under the “Privacy” tab, click “Accessibility.” Apple now allows you to grant individual applications control of your computer whereas before it was one checkbox that allowed any program control.

In order to get the application to show in the list for you to enable, you must first try to run the program that requires the access for assistive devices.

Once I enabled access for Synergy, I still continued to receive the same error. I was able to get Synergy to work with Mavericks by doing the following:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Execute Synergy from the Terminal by typing “/Applications/” You should receive the same error about enabling access for assistive devices.
  3. Go to “Security & Privacy” and enable access for the Terminal under “Accessibility.”
  4. Now launch Synergy again from the Terminal using the command “/Applications/”

The ampersand at the end of the command will run the command in the background and give you back the prompt right away.

Note: Closing the Terminal closes Synergy.

This is not a problem for me as I use the Terminal all day but for others it may. I believe Apple is allowing Synergy but not synergys to access privacy accessibility settings and hence why we are getting this message. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.