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Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder

I found an interesting tool built-in to Windows 7 that I wanted to share with you all. The Problem Steps Recorder in Windows 7 is a feature that enables users to record their interactions with an application and provide a detailed screen-by-screen view with accompanying information. You can use Problem Steps Recorder to automatically capture the steps you take on a computer, including a text description of where you clicked and a picture of the screen during each click (called a screen shot). When you record steps on your computer, anything you type will not be recorded. If what you type is an important part of recreating the problem you’re trying to solve, use the comment feature described below to highlight where the problem is occurring. It can be used by clients trying to describe an issue or by administrators trying to show users how to complete easy tasks. Once you capture these steps, you can save them to a file that can be sent to an individual for viewing.

Here is how you use it:

There are several ways that you can invoke the application. 1. Click Start and type ‘psr’ in the search box of Windows 7 start menu and press Enter. 2. In Run, type ‘psr’ and press Enter. 3. Or in a command prompt, type ‘psr’ and press Enter. After you have invoked the application, simply click ‘Start Record’ and perform the necessary procedures. The Problem Steps Recorder will not record any text that you have typed.If you want to add some sort of explanation, just click the “Add Comment” button while recording. Once you have finished, select ‘Stop Record’. A save dialog will open, prompting you to select where you would like to save your new instructions. The instructions are saved as a ZIP file. Once you extract the ZIP file, you will have an MHTML web archive file that can be viewed in a web browser such as Internet Explorer.

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